Other Costume & Party Ideas:   Try this link for  some other party ideas and this link for  great 80's party suggestions

If costumes are not feasible or required for your event, you could easily have some pre-made name badges for your guests.  Instantly, they could take on the persona of Madonna, Huey Lewis,  Chrissy Snow (3's Company), Mr. T (A-Team), Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid), and Indiana Jones. When your guests are mingling with each other, they will have fun recalling memories from the 80's.  "Oh there you are, Lionel Ritchie.... You never said HELLO to me....."

For the Guys:  Acid washed jeans, mullet, tight trousers, coveralls (think - Top Gun), leather or denim jackets,  suspenders, track suits, mesh shirts and big gold chains.

If you can remember the days of big hair, Pac-Man, and crazy fashions, then you are the right path for a GREAT PARTY!

Here are a few tips and suggestions to transform your event into a memorable night where your guest will ask "...when can we do this again?"

It's easy to add a little fun to your party by adding some 80's relate games and activities.  This is great way to chew up any unused time or to add a little group excitement to the night.

Table Games

You could place 80's trivia questions on each table and have your guests

answer them for prizes.  Because many of your guests will have cell phone,

ask each table to answer a question.  Then..... have them swap the trivia

sheet with other tables.  This will encourage them to meet new people and

have even more fun and interaction with other guests.


Pick up that famous game from the 80's which easy to play and doesn't

require much space or effort.  Perhaps the winners of each game can

have a playoff for additional prizes?

Music was one of the distinguishing factors of this great decade.  When you book Western Canada's premier 80's tribute band, Rubix Cubed, you'll have entertainment which your guests will talk about for a long time.  They play nothing but the best hits of the 80's.

The band will come fully dressed in their best 80's fashions.  Wether it's a corporate party, convention, wedding or special event, Rubix Cubed will have your guests dancing all night long.  Throughout the night, guests will be treated to various games and clips from famous 80's movies and TV shows.

This is a big one and usually provides the most fun for your event!  While you don't really have to make costumes mandatory, it is highly recommended.   Your guests will immediately feel at ease and in a festive mood when they see their co-workers, friends and soon to be new friend dressed up in their finest 80's attire. If you make costumes mandatory (and why wouldn't you?), we highly recommend that you visit your local thrift store and pick up some various oversized sweaters to give to guests who are unable to dress up.  This way, everyone can fit in like it's a school dance!

You might think that it takes a lot of work to dress up in the 80's motif.  But as Frankie Goes to Hollywood said, "... Relax" because it is rather simple to do so.

For the Girls:  Leg warmers, tights, bright mini skirts, baggy sweatshirts, oversized belts, big hair with ribbons. If your hair is too big, then make it even bigger.   We can't overemphasize that fact that the 80's featured LOTS OF MAKEUP!  (Light lipstick, dark and thick eyelashes, pink or blue blush)

Here are some video showing you easy 80's fashion for the girls

There are numerous options when it comes to hosting an 80's themed party.  Party City, who operates in Canada, offers a wide variety of 80's related products.  Some inexpensive ideas include bright colored fedoras, sunglasses, and slinky toys.