Willbur Handnickle - Keyboards (Richard Korbyl)

Gibby "Wiggly" Glotsky

(Bass Guitar, Vocals)

On a good day, you'll find Gibby making more of his legendary mix-tapes. Gibby (a.k.a.Chris Bradshaw) has been known to make a few interesting posts on the numerous BBS (bulletin boards) he belongs to.  He looks forward to upgrading to a new 56K modem next month.

Lenny Snartz - Drums (Terry Syvenky)
Erkel B. Shmidt - Lead Singer/Guitar (Kenny Polansky)
Gibby Glotsky - Bass (Chris Bradshaw)

Wilbur Handnickle (Keyboards, Vocals)

Willy (a.k.a. Richard Korbyl) is the chairperson of the Western Regional Fanny Pack Association.  His main duties with the association is lobbying government agencies and illustrating how the world is a better place with functional yet fashionable fanny packs.  When he is not busy lobbying, or as he calls it "greasing the wheels of government", he loves  working on his Commodore 64 computer and performing 80's music.


Lenny Schnartz (Drums)

When Lenny (a.k.a. Terry Syvenky) is not busy  providing the beat to some of Rubix Cubed fine music, you can finding him admiring neon colors, leg warmers and oversized loop earrings.  Lenny still claims he has evidence proving the existence of a government conspiracy towards the shooting of J.R. Ewing.

Erkel B. Schmidt (Lead Vocals, Guitar)

Erkel (a.k.a. Kenny Polansky) revels in a good game of pac man and asteroids.  While he is disappointed that he can't find a good quality pair of parachute pants, he takes solace in the fact that he can bring back the great hits of the 80's every night.